• First of all, I love you with the whole of my heart.
  • When I say I don’t want anything for my birthday, I have never told a bigger lie.
  • I cry a lot when I’m frustrated so please don’t get angry and please don’t ask me to stop.
  • If we have a fight, I promise not to run to my closest friends or third parties to tell them about it.
  • We shall be seeing movies together like twice a month. I don’t want to hear ‘I’m busy’.
  • I’m so sorry you might add weight cos I love baking/cooking. You shall eat to stupor.
  • Our honeymoon is every year!!!!


  • I promise that I’ll show you affection openly, often and spontaneously.
  • I love surprises ……
  • I promise not to ever use my feminism as a tool just to get my way or win an argument……..you know we women are powerful 😉
  • I love purple, I mean I’m a purple freak …………just so you know.
  • I promise that I will not make promises I can’t keep. You deserve that kind of security and trust
  • I will always love and support you in every decision you ever make.


Ehn ehn before I forget my #Dearfuturehusband please and please I can kneel down for you right now I beg you let your surname be fresh even If it cannot be English. Pls I don’t want any Akin….,Ogun…..,Chukwu…..etc.

………..and so my dear future husband, I can’t wait to meet you, or If I know you already, get to know you better & spend the rest of my days with you.



Please take good care of yourself….. yeah I know you have to make money to make our children and I comfortable but don’t overstress and over work yourself :*

For better, for better,

Your future wife,




  1. Babe, trust me (as a married woman), after you get married and you see this post, you will laugh and say, did I really ask all that? One thing marriage does to you is that you become a hybrid, that means you will take both your personality and your husband’s own. I pray you find your soulmate IJN Amen…cos marriage is beautiful. Kudos on your blog, will be checking from time to time…

  2. Tope na wa for u oh. So if u c a man with all these characteristics u will not run. Anyways if wishes were horses….. But IJN it shall come to pass in your life. (Amen). Lol.

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